Friday, August 11, 2017

Cross-Country Routes for Motorcycling

Daily Direct, LLC, is a motorcycle transport company that has been operating since 1988. Skilled transportation specialists help to ensure that bikes shipped by Daily Direct, LLC, are protected against damage while being shipped throughout the country for personal use, dealership events, and custom tours. For motorcyclists who want to take their bikes on an adventure, here are three historic cross-country routes. 

1. Riders can get a motorcycle shipped to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and take U.S. Route 6 all the way to Inyo County, California. The route passes through Cleveland and Chicago and onward to the plains of Iowa and Nebraska. Riding farther southwest along this route offers travelers the scenic landscapes of Colorado and Utah.

2. As the first transcontinental highway in the United States, Lincoln Highway extends 3,000 miles, from Times Square in New York City to San Francisco. Along the way, bikers will see unique attractions that attest to the seniority of the 104-year-old route.

3. Unlike U.S. 6 and Lincoln Highway, the Jefferson Highway extends from north to south, stretching from Canada to Louisiana and cutting through the Mississippi Valley. Bikers will ride through a variety of landscapes on this country’s first international highway.

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